About Me

 So here’s a little more info about me..

First of all, my name is Katie. I’m your classic blonde hair, blue eyed 23 year old girl from Kentucky (which is such cliché, minus the big southern hair). In 2014, I graduated from Kentucky Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications, emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. While in school, I was a member of the women’s soccer team, yearbook committee, a school newspaper reporter, and involved with numerous campus activities. Needless to say, I enjoy staying busy.

I love spending time with my family, along with my besties from high school and college (stay tuned, some of them will be featured on the blog!). I’m always down for Mexican food, fro-yo, and random road trips. I enjoy spending time outside, especially at the lake or outside walking/biking nature trails. Drinking a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks on a cool October day is my favorite (yeah, I can be basic).

I created this blog in order to vent about the transition of graduating college and entering the real world. You know.. the part everyone fails to mention. The world full of bills, student loans, starting careers, maintaining relationships, all while going out to bars, staying up too late, and enjoying being young!

No matter how tough life gets, somehow a glass of wine always makes each life crisis seem just a little bit more bearable.

So stick around, you might just like what you read.


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