Flippin’ Flapjacks

One of the best parts of visiting Nashville has to be all the great places to eat. There are so many locally owned restaurants that you literally never have to eat at a chain joint.

This past trip to Nashville was spent hanging out with a childhood bestie, acting like a cliche tourist, and eating all sorts of yummy foods.

For breakfast we hit up this local place called The Pfunky Griddle, which is in this tiny older house with tables and chairs set up in the various rooms.

After about a 30 minute wait for a table, we finally take a seat and look at the menu. Then Lauren tells me that when you order pancakes, the server brings out the pancake mix and some fave toppings.

Perfection is key.

How messed up is it that you have to pay money when they don’t even cook it for you?! Crazy concept, right? But hey, it was kinda (really) cool.

We flipped, flapped, and flopped flapjacks until we couldn’t flip flop no more. (Okay, maybe that was a little too much..)

Main point I’m trying to make here, if you are in the Nashville area and looking for a delicious breakfast stop, I highly recommend The Pfunky Griddle! You won’t be disappointed!

Guess which one was Lauren’s..


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