A Weekend in BBQ Heaven

Every year towards the end of September marks the annual BBQ on the River Festival in Paducah, KY (my hometown). I never was able to attend the festival as much as I would have liked in the past years (usually b/c of soccer). So in the past two years since I’ve graduated college and moved back home, I have really looked forward to a weekend of stuffing my face with BBQ and fried anything foods.

The festival always starts on a Thursday and lasts until Saturday night. Last year, I worked downtown for a newspaper company that is located basically two blocks away, so I went there every day for lunch (which was awesome!). This year I decided to out due myself and went to the festival a total of 4 times within the 3 days. Impressive. I know.

The main thing I crave all year long is BBQ nachos.

Okay, I know they might not sound too appealing, but believe me, they are AMAZING.

Its a little bit of heaven wrapped all up together in the perfect combination of flavorful pork, nacho cheese sauce, sweet BBQ sauce, and chips.

Needless to say, after three straight days of eating pulled pork sandwiches, nachos, fried Oreos, and cheesecake on a stick, my stomach needed a break!

So long BBQ nachos that I love so dearly. Until next year…


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