Bring on Sweater Weather: My Top 10 Things to do This Fall

Call me basic, but I am more than ready for 70 degree, leaves falling, over-sized sweater wearing, Starbucks pumpkin spice latte sippin’ weather.

There is no better feeling than that first real day of fall. No more humid, 100 degree days of summer. No more flaunting what your momma gave ya in tinnie tiny bikinis that we busted our butts for all spring long (bring on the apple pie!).

So in the spirit of big scarfs and hot coffee, here is my top 10 things to do this fall:

  1. Enjoy a cool autumn night by a bonfire all cuddled up under a blanket
  2. Scream as loud as I possibly can while being chased by Michael Meyers in a haunted house
  3. Pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving straight from the patch
  4. Spend a day at the wineries
  5. Drink hot chocolate while freezing my butt off at a football game
  6. Get lost in a corn maze
  7. Watch Halloween (with Jamie Lee Curtis) and Hocus Pocus at least 10 times each
  8. Try to make a homemade apple pie (key word would be try).
  9. Go on a walk to see the changing colors of fall
  10. Incorporate pumpkin anything into my every day life (pumpkin flavored creamer, lattes, pies)

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