Creeps in the Workplace

Lingering eyes, awkward conversations, and goofy smiles. Lame jokes, annoying laughs, and unwanted Facebook messages.

Yeah, I’m referring to those creepy individuals we are forced to call coworkers.

Being a 23 year old and new to the “working world”, I had already assumed there would be a thing or two I would learn along the way to my ultimate career goal (becoming a marketing coordinator). I have learned so much within the past year that no one can ever sit down and teach you while in school. One of those lessons, unfortunately, is how to deal with creeps in the workplace.

People that know me would describe me as an outgoing, bubbly girl who tries to get along with everyone. So it isn’t out of the blue for me to strike up a conversation with someone I barely know. Also, people that know me would say I tend to get along with just about everyone I meet, and vice versa. I always thought being nice is just something everyone should try to be (especially at work). That is, until I realized what I had thought was being polite and nice lead some guys to believe, “hey, I think I’ve got a chance with her”.

And thus the creepy, unwanted behavior from a coworker begins.

I searched Google for the best descriptions of what I like to refer to as a “creep” and somehow wound up on Urban Dictionary (such a valid source of info, I know).
These are best ones I came across, G-rated version of course:

  1. A dude that tries way too hard with chicks, usually younger chicks.
  2. A creep is a male that a female is not interested in
  3. A man who stares/smiles/waves/stalks/texts/fb a girl who is uninterested. A man that is clearing obsessed and somewhat desperate.
  4. A creep is anyone, male or female, with icky or undesirable behavior

I would have to say that all four of these “definitions” apply to creepy coworkers in my past.

So how does a young woman deal with all of this unwanted behavior from a coworker?

Stay tuned for my personal “how to” guide on dealing with creeps in the workplace (and I promise to post soon!).


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