Same old bills, just another month

So it goes like this…

Open up my mailbox and what do I find? Bills. Check my phone to discover a new email notification, open it to find an alert that says my student loan bill is due 5 days. Month after month we pay the same old bills. Month after month our paychecks disappear in the blink of an eye.

We go to college, have a great time, earn a bachelor’s degree, and then end up with thousands of dollars’ worth of student debt. We want to move out of mom and dad’s house because we want to do things all on our own. So we move out. Oh look! It’s the first of the month, which means the rent payment is due!

Writing a check for rent, writing another one for student loan, then there’s the electric bill, and you just can’t forget about the internet bill (b/c how are you supposed to stay in touch with the world without it?).

Look what day it is, its PAY DAY!! Oh happy day! Just in time to pay off some.. wait for it.. more bills (are you catching on yet?).

Remember the days when a $20 dollar bill in your wallet basically meant you won the lotto? Nowadays, I spend at least twenty dollars (actually, add about $100 to that) every time I step foot in Walmart.

And what ever happened to the days when you looked forward to getting a birthday card or party invite through the US Postal Service? Back in the 90s, I remember running out to the mailbox to see if any of the mail was addressed to me. Nowadays, a trip to the mailbox is associated with a lovely stack of bills and unwanted advertisements.

You know, the truth is adulthood is filled with all sorts of responsibilities (such as bills) that we have to take on. No one ever said it was going to be easy.

Isn’t being independent worth it though? Not having to check in with your parents to see if you can have company over, staying out as late as you want, and drinking a glass of wine without judging eyes.

Of course, it’s worth every penny.

And for those of you that spot the Ace Hood reference, I applaud you.


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